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AAA Management for the RADIUS Server

The AAA RADIUS server from Interlink Networks enables Carriers, Internet Service Providers, and fully networked enterprises to centrally manage the AAA functions for their network users.

RADIUS Server Management Features Include:

  • Web-based Server Administration
    Simplifies the set up and maintenance of multiple RADIUS servers from any Web browser. User profiles and server operation, including status and key statistics, can be configured and monitored remotely.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Supports remote monitoring of server status and key statistics. Remotely view access activity and detect authentication problems.
  • Configuration file generation
    Configuration files can be generated via the graphical user interface, command line interface, or scripts
  • Session & Event Logging
    Logs all events to provide extensive audit trails for troubleshooting or security. Supports Merit and Livingston standard for detailed session logging.
  • SNMP Support
    Supports standard RADIUS server MIBs for authentication and accounting.
  • DHCP Relay Support
    Scales beyond one RADIUS server with same IP pool. Allocates IP addresses for pools managed by DHCP server.
  • Simultaneous Access Control (Concurrency Management)
    Allows configuring user or realm for simultaneous sessions.