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Interlink Networks, LLC RAD-Series RADIUS Server Training

Interlink Networks RADIUS Training like the RAD-Series Server, is engineered to be flexible and extensible.  Each course is customized to the meet the unique needs of the organization.  A training course can be developed to your specifications to consist of any combination of

  • Introductory presentations on fundamental AAA and RADIUS topics as well as RAD-Series Server skills
  • Hands on lab exercises to master fundamental to advanced RAD-Series Server operations
  • Special presentations and lab exercises tailored to an organization’s specific objectives


Training modules from past courses include:

  • Introduction to the RADIUS Protocol
  • Installing and Running of the
    RAD-Series Server
  • Overview of RAD-Series Server
  • RAD-Series Server Installation, Basic Configuration, and Operation Lab Exercises
  • RAD-Series Server Manager
  • RAD-Series Server Manager Lab Exercises
  • EAP Authentication
  • EAP Authentication Lab Exercises
  • RAD-Series Server Troubleshooting Techniques
  • RAD-Series Server Troubleshooting Lab Exercises
  • ProLDAP
  • ProLDAP Lab Exercises
  • RAD-Series Advanced Policy Engine and Finite State Machine
  • Advanced Policy Lab Exercises
  • Introduction to the RAD-Series Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)
  • Using the SDK
  • SDK Lab
  • Certificates


As you begin planning your training objectives, please keep these points in mind

  • RADIUS training courses are typically 1 or 2 days in duration.  This is the practical limit to what students can appropriate at one time.
  • 6 or 7 hours per day of training is the limit to the amount of material that students can absorb.
  • A good mix of hands on lab modules will help students master and retain what they have learned in the presentations.
  • Class sizes of 2 to 8 students are ideal.
  • Training can be delivered onsite or over the web.
  • Training modules are not limited to those listed above.  Come up with your own topics of interest.

Please contact sales to begin planning your training event.


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