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AAA RADIUS Server White Papers

History of the AAA RADIUS Server and RADIUS Protocol
The story of how the RADIUS server and RADIUS protocol came into existence, became a de-facto standard, and eventually a recognized IETF standard. Starting from from dial in security needs at Merit Network, RADIUS weaved its way through the standards process, first as a de-facto standard for NAS equipment vendors, and then through the IETF standards body to become the internationally recognized standard for network authentication, authorization, and accounting.


Introduction to Diameter
The Diameter protocol was designed to overcome some of the earlier shortcomings of RADIUS and is being adopted by an ever expanding set of AAA requirements. This white paper provides an introduction to the Diameter protocol, advantages over RADIUS, and the applications targeted by Diameter.


Link Layer and Network Layer Security for Wireless Networks
Wireless networking presents a significant security challenge. There is an ongoing debate about where to address this challenge: at the link layer (via 802.1X and a RADIUS server) or network layer (via VPN). This paper looks at the basic risks inherent in wireless networking and explains both approaches, but concludes that link layer security provides a more compelling, complete solution and that network layer security serves well as an enhancement in applications where additional WLAN security is requested.


Wireless LAN Access Control and RADIUS Server Authentication
Wireless networking is emerging as a significant aspect of Internetworking. It presents a set of unique issues based on the fact that the only bounds for a wireless network is the radio signal strength. There is no wiring to define membership in a network. Wireless networking, more than any other networking technology, needs an Authentication and Access Control mechanism. This paper looks at the access authentication issues, the existing and proposed technologies, and scenarios for use of a RADIUS Server for Wi-Fi Authentication.


Introduction to the RADIUS Server and 802.1x for Wireless Networks
Many new WiFi access points are advertised as employing IEEE 802.1X for enhanced security. Trade articles about this new technology call it a “security protocol,” a “security feature,” a “security standard,” an “authentication method,” or a “user authentication protocol” and promise “enhanced security” and a “more secure environment.” These claims do not always provide an accurate picture of how 802.1X fits into WiFi security. Despite all the hype, 802.1X through a RADIUS server, if utilized properly, can indeed provide a WiFi network with a higher level of security.