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Radius Server Case Studies



RAD-Series RADIUS Servers: High-End, High-Performance, and Customizable Software

website_resource_updatesThe RAD-Series RADIUS Servers is a high end, high performance, customizable software server that specifically designed for Carrier, ISP, Service Provider and OEM applications that require high throughput, carrier class reliability, or have application specific requirements that are difficult to meet with an off-the-shelf RADIUS server targeted at enterprise applications.

The RAD-Series RADIUS Server meets the most sophisticated enterprise application requirements as well. The RAD-Series RADIUS Server is in use by some of the most advanced IT departments across the world. The RAD-Series also serves a number of enterprises as an embedded RADIUS server in our partners’ enterprise applications.

The RAD-Series RADIUS Server is ideal for OEMs and Integrators seeking a well tested, carrier grade RADIUS server software to integrate into their hardware or software platforms. The RAD-Series RADIUS Server was designed with OEM integration and branding in mind, and Interlink offers several licensing alternatives to their partners.


Carrier and Service Provider RADIUS Server Case Studies

Securing KT’s NESPOT, the World’s Largest WLAN Hotspot, with RAD-Series RADIUS Server

KT’s NESPOT is the world’s largest wireless LAN (WLAN) “hotspot”, based in Seoul, South Korea, with over 800,000 wireless access points placed throughout the city and surrounding vicinities. KT uses the RAD-Series RADIUS Server high performance software to authenticate and authorize WLAN users accessing the hotspot network.

“Interlink Networks provided us with a WLAN authentication solution offering many options, at a highly competitive price. We are extremely pleased with the RADIUS software and support that we have received.”

— Young-Jin Yang, Senior Manager, Business Solution Team, Datacraft Korea.


AxxessAnywhere Remote Access Solutions Built on the RAD-Series RADIUS Server

Based in Oslo, Norway, AxxessAnywhere develops remote access solutions for network service providers who want to deliver a mobile office product tailored to corporate needs and build the foundation for a sound and increasing revenue stream. Learn how they solve the challenges of end-user provisioning, subscription management, billing, and support through the powerful extensibility of the RAD-Series RADIUS Server.

“No other RADIUS server comes even close to Interlink’s RAD-Series if you need a powerful and scalable server”

— Greger Teigre, CEO of AxxessAnywhere


Global Billing Software Provider Integrates with RAD-Series RADIUS Server

A leading billing and customer care services provider turned to Interlink Networks for a flexible and scalable RADIUS server software solution to integrate with their services platform. Producing more than a million invoices daily, they required a Carrier class, highly customizable, and standards-based RADIUS server solution.

“The most important benefits that the RAD-Series RADIUS Server Software provided in this application were customization and superior performance. The Software Developer’s Toolkit is based on modular architecture, that significantly reduced our costs of developing, maintaining, and upgrading the network access system.”


Enterprise and University RADIUS Server Case Studies

Banking on Security with the RAD-Series RADIUS Server

A major financial institution uses Interlink’s RADIUS Server Advanced Policy Engine module to authenticate thousands of contractors who connect to their network via a VPN and control which applications they can access. Read about the application challenges and solution, and why this company chose Interlink Networks.

“I wanted to bring in a full-featured RADIUS server software product which could suit our long-term needs, as well as those of the current project. The RAD-Series offered many key features that we needed.”

— Banking Senior Network Security Engineer


Securing A Virtual University Network with RADIUS Server Software

FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany connects 50 study centers to the main campus network, using an Interlink Networks RAD-Series RADIUS Server to authenticate users upon attempting to connect through the VPN gateway, including local, remote, and WLAN users.


Authenticating a WLAN Campus through RADIUS Server Software

A private Michigan university uses the RAD-Series RADIUS Server to authenticate and control all users attempting to access two different networks: the offsite network through wired connections, and the inside campus network through wireless LAN connections. The university wanted a security solution that would centralize the management of all network users and record all session activity to allow departmental charge-backs.