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Powerful RADIUS Server Performance

The RAD-Series RADIUS Server is the high end, high performance RADIUS server specifically designed for Carrier, Service Provider and OEM applications that require high throughput and carrier class reliability. Interlink Networks’ RADIUS server delivers well over 2000 authentications per second on the Intel-based Linux platforms and Sun-based Solaris platforms.

Network Computing’s independent Real-World Labs tested the RAD-Series RADIUS Server against four other popular RADIUS Server products: Cisco ACS, Lucent NavisRadius, Funk Steel-Belted Radius and IEA running on a common hardware platform. In Network Computing’s words, Interlink’s RADIUS Server delivered a “jaw-dropping” 1900 authentication and accounting transactions per second, compared to between 170 and 320 transactions per second from each of the other RADIUS servers. Their test results are shown below.


RADIUS Server Performance Test:



Interlink RAD-Series RADIUS Server 1900 trans/sec
IEA RadiusNT RADIUS Server 170 trans/sec
Lucent NavisRadius RADIUS Server 170 trans/sec
Cisco ACS RADIUS Server 170 trans/sec
Funk Steel-Belted Radius Server 320 trans/sec

Interlink’s RADIUS Server outperformed Funk Steel-Belted Radius server by a factor of almost 6 to 1. Interlink’s RAD-Series outperformed Cisco ACS and Lucent NavisRadius by over 1000%. These tests were run by Network Computing in their Real-World Labs on a Dell PowerEdge 2450 PCs with 1 GB of RAM, 25-GB SCSI hard drives and 993-MHz dual processors running against Windows Active Directory.

The RAD-Series RADIUS Server delivers similar performance on Sun Solaris. Running on a Sun v240 1.2GHz CPU against an LDAP directory server RADIUS delivers over 2400 authentications per second.

Of course, performance is both hardware and application dependent, varying on factors that include hardware platform, software configuration and the data store interface. To discuss how Interlink’s RADIUS server can meet your particular application requirements, feel free to contact us.