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RAD-Series RADIUS Server

Interlink Networks’ RAD-Series Authentication Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) RADIUS Server provides standards-based access control and security for mixed access networks – including mobile, wired, and wireless networks. The AAA RADIUS server enables Carriers, Internet Service Providers, and fully networked enterprises to centrally manage the AAA functions for their network users. Because of its extensibility and advanced user features, Interlink’s RADIUS server is also ideal for System Integrators and OEMs of network equipment.

Our Solaris and Linux RADIUS servers are high performance, highly scalable and modular solutions that are widely deployed across the world. The RADIUS server fully supports the RADIUS protocol with a set of sophisticated capabilities required to manage the business aspects of network access. A unique feature of the RADIUS Server is that it supports user-developed plug-in modules. Plug-ins can be used to enhance the RADIUS server authentication and authorization decision-making process, modify incoming or outgoing packets, or call any external AAA services.

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Interlink Networks - AAA RADIUS Server Solution


Carrier-Class RADIUS Server Reliability and Agility

Based on the widely deployed and proven Merit RADIUS server architecture, the RAD-Series RADIUS Server provides a fault-tolerant, scalable, higher-performance solution.

  • Using Carrier class data stores and hardware, the AAA RADIUS Server can support millions of users and transaction rates in the 1000’s of authentications per second.
  • Provides reliability with fail over, load balancing, and redundancy features.
  • Supports LDAP (and Active Directory through LDAP) allowing you to maintain a single, centralized user database for all applications.
  • Optimized for mixed-vendor environments and for use with any remote access device acting as a RADIUS client.


Versatile Service Delivery via RADIUS Attributes

You can easily define user profiles to assign a set of connection attributes to any user. User profiles can be standardized across different types of network access equipment and networks, allowing the delivery of the appropriate level of authorization to each individual user, regardless of where they are or how they are connected.

  • Supports multiple services: dial, wholesale dial, broadband, managed VPN, mobile wireless, and 802.11 Wi-Fi.
  • Supports wired and wireless LAN authentication using 802.1x compliant methods.
  • Supports delivery of wholesale, outsourcing, and roaming services by proxy RADIUS.
  • Interoperates with any other RFC compliant AAA RADIUS server to easily distribute authentication and accounting.


Network Access Security

Interlink’s RADIUS Server centralizes the management of all network access, including wireless LAN access, allowing you to more easily control users and secure the information being transmitted. Whether you are extending your current network to include WLAN, or are deploying a new WLAN, the RAD-Series RADIUS Server provides all of the additional security required for both wireless and wired connections.

  • 802.1X Network Security Support: The RAD-Series RADIUS Server is fully compliant with the 802.1X standard which centralizes the network access management into a single RADIUS server. RAD-Series is compliant with the WPA and WPA2 security standards for enterprise wireless networks.
  • Complete Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Support: Supports 802.1x-compliant authentication protocols EAP-MD5, Cisco LEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP.
  • NEW! EAP-SIM Support for authentication using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). RFC 4186 compliant. The RAD-Series RADIUS Server delivers full support for RFC 4186 including Pseudonyms and Fast Re-authentication. Support for local Authentication Center (AuC) functionality using user secrets (Ki) from any data store and administrator definable A3/A8 algorithms. 3GPP Milenage A3/A8 algorithm reference implementation.
  • Multi-Vendor Compatibility: Works with access points and switches from vendors such as Cisco, Intel, 3Com, Symbol, Agere, Avaya, Enterasys, D-Link, Proxim, Linksys and other industry leading security solutions and platforms.


AAA RADIUS Server Extensibility Features:

server_archThe RAD-Series RADIUS Server offers extensibility features or “toolkits” which allow Carriers, System Integrators and OEMs to differentiate their products and services, add value to their solutions, and re-brand the AAA RADIUS server and components. The extensibility options include:

  • Programmable Finite State Machine (FSM)
  • Extensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Advanced Policy Engine
  • Brand-able Documentation

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Interlink Networks, LLC is continually developing the RAD-Series AAA software.  This work takes several forms

  • New features as determined by our customers’ needs and interests
  • Internal upgrades to improve performance and to build a strong foundation for future development
  • Fixes to known issues

Customers with current maintenance contracts are entitled to new releases as a free upgrade.  Customers running the prior two major releases continue to receive standard support for configuration and troubleshooting. Here are some of the projects currently in progress and the RAD-Series release schedule.

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RAD-Series RADIUS Server Datasheet

RADInterlink Networks’ RAD-Series Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) RADIUS Server provides standards-based access control and security for mixed access networks – including mobile, wired and wireless networks. The RAD-Series RADIUS Server enables Carriers, Internet Service Providers, and fully networked enterprises to centrally manage the AAA functions for their network users. Because of its high customizability and advanced user features, RAD-Series is ideal for system integrators and OEMs of network equipment.

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