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RAD-Series RADIUS Server Extensibility

RAD-Series Radius Server - Extendability with Software Developers Kit

Interlink’s RADIUS server is uniquely extensible with three different levels of customization capabilities to meet practically any application requirement.

Carriers, System Integrators and OEMs can differentiate their products and services, add value to their solutions, and re-brand the RADIUS server software and components to meet their requirements.

These extensibility features include a fully configurable finite state machine, a powerful advanced policy engine, and a RADIUS server software developer’s toolkit.

Interlink Networks provides documentation and support for developers to extend the RADIUS server software to meet their application requirements.

Interlink can also provide the professional services required to deliver RADIUS software solutions to your specifications.


Configurable Finite State Machine


The core Finite State Machine (FSM) engine drives the processes of handling RADIUS requests. These sequential processes can be expanded or modified by changing the FSM table without any recoding or recompiling of the engine.

Interlink’s RADIUS server software comes with several predefined FSM tables from which to choose.


Powerful Advanced RADIUS Server Policy Engine


RADIUS Policy, part of the user authorization process, is a set of rules to administer, manage, and control access to network resources. Policies are written to accomplish specific tasks such as to set limits and access restrictions. Interlink’s Advanced RADIUS Server Policy Engine allows you to easily define and enact custom policies using “decision files”. Our flexible policymaking capabilities can solve virtually any problem that would traditionally require custom programming. You can modify how authentication requests are handled and control how services are delivered and logged using simple text files with Boolean expressions