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Which RFCs Does the RAD-Series RADIUS Server Support?

iStock_Red_FAQ_plus_mouseThe RAD-Series RADIUS Server maintains the highest levels of interoperability with a wide range of networking devices and services through

1) Unconditional compliance to RFC standards
2) Flexibility in receiving and processing received non-RFC compliant packets
3) Configurability and customizability to compensate for other non-RFC compliant implementations


The list of fully supported RADIUS RFCs is long and steadily growing longer. Although not exhaustive, listed below are the most significant RFCs supported by the RAD-Series RADIUS server. Learn more about the various AAA RFCs by visiting our RFC Resource Page. If you have questions or if support for a standard is unclear please contact technical support to give us the details. If you need a new standard supported for your application please request it as a new feature.

RADIUS Protocol RFCs

Other RADIUS Related RFCs

Authentication Protocol RFCs

Other RADIUS Attribute RFCs

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